In a few cars the windowcloser function is still missing. The feature press the window switch only one short time is completly missing or only found on the driver side. If you install our module ONE TOUCH EASY you will never miss this feature.

What is it useful for?

It is opening and closing the window with just a click on the windows lifter button.
You need one module for each electric window.

How it works?

Now you can add One-Touch Easy OTE functionality to the power windows of your car. The OTE module connects to either your driver's side power window, passenger side or rear windows. A quick "one-touch"
(short press) on the window lifter button (up or down) starts the movement of the window in auto mode to the selected direction. No need to press the switch and wait that the window will closed.
The window can be stopped at any position with another "touch" of the switch. No need to press the switch and wait that the window will closed.

This movement continues until pressing the button again or until the window reaches the top or bottom and stops automatically. The unit can also installed in cars with high current such as Volkswagen UP and some oldtimer. The SAFETY feature allow to stop the window automatically also when it encounters an obstacle (a hand, for example). The module is simply inserted between the wires of the motor in each door.
It works with the switch inside each door, but work also from all central switches in the driver door. 

  • Easy to install with a few wires only.
  • compatible with all cars
Window control module
59,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
1 to 1 (from a total of 1)

The modules "take over" the control of the window motors and are looped into the lines to the motor. They modules are universally applicable and can be controlled by positive or negative pulses. If there is only one positive power supply (eg at ignition on) and no mass in the door, or only one mass but no power (+12 volts), two diodes can be used. This saves an elaborate rewiring in the respective door. For many vehicles, we already supply vehicle-specific installation instructions.