GSM / GPS tracker & Accessories

Are you looking for a tracking system to help you find your vehicles, cars, motor homes, trucks, boats, outboard motors and motorcycles?
You want to be informed in case of theft e.g. by phone call and SMS?
You have had enough of the theft?
You want the system to have an acceptable price?

We offer:

  •     Area monitoring (geofencing) Vehicle leaves or enters area
  •     Visibility on the Smartphone
  •     Locating by high-quality Ublox technology from Switzerland
  •     Built-in emergency power accumulators
  •     Voltage converter already built in so that 24 Volt operation without external current-consuming voltage converters is possible
  •     Alarm when disconnecting the battery
  •     Alarm input e.g. by alarm system
  •     Favorable hardware prices
  •     perfect combination with our Snapper alarm systems
  •     Cheap prepaid cards are completely sufficient! Here you have the free choice!

We are one of the few providers that not only inform about an alarm triggering via SMS, but also dial up to three different (emergency) phone numbers! Who listens at night in deep sleep to an incoming EMAIL or SMS?

Our tracking systems can be distinguished according to the following criteria:

Probably the best professional location alarm system for permanent installation. Our location alarm system PEKASAT iKey is the perfect and safe answer to the subject of location alarm. All conceivable components are installed here that are currently available on the market and make a vehicle even safer. Available with external AntIJamming Sensor and external siren!

With built-in AntiJamming Sensor! Our PEKASAT Protect Jamming 2G is an extremely small splash-proof (protection class IP67) location alarm system. Ideal for boats, yachts, outboard motors, motorcycles, trikes, quads, cars, trucks, construction machines, caravans and motor homes. Works completely independently and can be easily armed and disarmed! This system detects and warns when using radio jammers (whining).

The PEKASAT Protect Jamming 2G can be operated in our web portal (data consumption 100MB to 200MB / month). Ideal for monitoring several vehicles (fleet) on one PC - workstation, notebook, tablet or smartphone. Here several vehicles can be located comfortably via browser or smartphone apps. Perfect for rental, workshop and service vehicles and for all who just want to know where their vehicle(s) are.

With all tracking systems a localization can also be done via SmartPhone! Location data are prepared for automatic call as "http://Link" and can be displayed directly via Google Maps or on our web server and your Smartphone. A comfortable zoom into the map facilitates orientation and search. Apps for Apple IPhone and Android Smartphones are available free of charge.

In contrast to other low cost systems, our tracking systems are equipped with current chipsets from the Swiss company ublox, which are currently also manufactured in Austria. Ublox is a leading Swiss technology company with subsidiaries in 15 countries on 5 continents. Ublox supplies compact, energy-saving high-performance chips and modules for industrial electronics, automotive equipment and consumer goods. This includes highly sensitive positioning components that support all global navigation satellite systems.


OBD Extended cable
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