GSM / GPS tracker & Accessories

Trackingsystems for everybody!

You need a trackingsystem to find your vehicle,boats, outboard motors and motorcycles?
You need a information by phone call or short message service in the case anything is lost?
You serach for a perfect system but a good price?

We offer:
Geofencing (machines leave or enter a area)
Controlling on your smartphone
Highquality Tracking components from Ublox Swiss.

Alarm call or SMS
Receive message if battery power is disconnected
Alarm input trigger from your car alarm
Hardware price attractive
Monthly fee is vary cheap
Easy to install, nearly DIY

Select our trackers in different usages:

1. Strong security! High End tracking system. Our tracking alarmsystem
the perfect answer when it comes to vehicle safety. Here all conceivable components are installed, the currently are available on the market and make a vehicle safer.

2. The small big security! Our PEKASAT Protect 3G  is an extremely small splash-proof (protection class IP67) positioning alarmsystem. Perfect usage in cars, trucks, caravan, motorcylcles, boats, boat outboard engine. .

Track your car with your smart phone by using the received google maps link.

Use also our free IPhone und Android Smartphone Apps to track, but also to use and work with. Easy Selection and Scrolling in the map will help to find your objects. Our apps makes installations, changes and usage vary easy. 

All our trackers works with chips and/or components from the swiss company ublox. Ublox is one of the main technology companies in Switzerland with 15 partners in 15 countries on 5 continents. Ublox sell compact, powersave high performance chips and modules for industry, carparts and more. Including high sensitive positioning components for all global navigationsatellite systems.

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