The principle: Digital and analogue Snapper motorhome alarm systems are always supplied with additional remote controls! These remote controls increase security and close the "factory-made" security gap in the Citroen Jumper, Fiat Ducato, Iveco Daily and Peugeot Boxer from 2006 onwards and thus protect against code theft (code grabbing). For these vehicles, our Snapper remote controls replace all functions of the original 3-button remote control 1 to 1. Central locking driver's door - passenger door opening and closing, central locking side and rear doors opening and closing, as well as indicator acknowledgement.
The original remote control could still operate the central locking, but could not deactivate our CAN BUS alarm system. Our recommendation! Remove the battery from the original remote control and use it only as an ignition key.

For all other vehicles with roll code remote controls, e.g. motorhomes based on Ford, MAN, Mercedes, Renault or VW, the Snapper CAN BUS alarm system can also be operated with the original remote controls. However, if you have safety concerns about the quality of the factory remote controls or fear that someone has programmed another remote control without your knowledge, our Snapper CAN BUS alarm system K.I.S.S. can also be installed with its own remote controls. Deactivation of the alarm system and our immobiliser is then only possible with these!  
If you install the Snapper Classic together with our tracking alarm system Pekasat iKey, operation via smartphone app is also possible.   

Security: Doors, bonnet, storage flaps, ignition and battery, as well as the interior are protected and monitored with corresponding sensors. The immobiliser integrated in our Snapper CAN BUS alarm system (with E-approval, of course!) additionally interrupts an operating circuit so that the vehicle cannot be started!

Exterior protection: Our 2-zone shock sensor offers ideal protection against door locks, door mechanisms and windows being smashed in the passenger compartment. In addition, stowage flaps and windows are secured with wireless Magent reed contacts.

Interior protection: Our infrasonic air pressure sensor offers the ideal protection against opening windows or doors. Only the change in air pressure in the passenger compartment triggers the alarm. Therefore, a roof hatch in a motorhome can be left open, people can move around in the vehicle and, of course, people can sleep without the alarm being triggered.

Switching off the sensors: The sensors are temporarily switched off by 2x arming with the Snapper remote control or 3x pressing of the service button. Ignition monitoring, bonnet protection, all doors, storage flaps and windows are still monitored.

Anaesthetic gas: Our knockout gas sensor detects incoming narcotic gas and triggers an alarm. When our Pekasat iKey location alarm system is installed, up to three emergency numbers are called and informed by SMS with location data.

Radio contact transmitters: Radio contact transmitters with one or more reed magnetic contacts can be operated with all our Snapper alarm systems. In some cases, only one contact transmitter needs to be installed due to cross wiring to the opposite jam door, as several reed magnetic contacts can be connected to it. This is cost-saving. As a rule, however, only up to 4 radio contact transmitters are needed for protection.

Protection against radio jammers: Most illegal radio jammers used by thieves operate in a frequency range of 800MHz to 5GHz. We therefore consider it sensible to offer only wireless radio transmitters in the frequency range of 433.92 MHz. If possible, doors and jam doors should be wired. Unfortunately, this is very time-consuming and not always easy.
Radio siren: Unfortunately, radio sirens are also susceptible to radio interference (jammers, airport radar, seaport radar, etc.) and consume additional quiescent current. Therefore we do not offer these!
Have our anti-jamming sensor installed to detect radio jammers. This sensor detects the use of jammers and triggers the alarm.

Alarm triggering: Visually via the warning lights, acoustically basically via an externally wired siren (as factory horns and fuses are usually exposed and easy to manipulate). When our Pekasat iKey location alarm system is installed, up to three phone numbers are called and additionally informed by SMS with location data.

We do not use Bluetooth driver cards / Bluetooth tags! Unfortunately, many of these cards operate in the 2.4 GHz range (Bluetooth) and are constantly ready for operation due to the built-in battery. We assume that this signal can also be extended with radio wave extenders (signal repeaters, similar to WLAN repeaters) as with the keyless go problem. Unfortunately, Bluetooth connections are not always stable (known from smartphones and hands-free devices) and have a high power consumption (battery change every 3-6 months?). External remote controls like our Snapper only transmit at the push of a button, switch the alarm system and the immobiliser, are therefore the better and safer solution!

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