How does it work?: Our digital and analoque Snapper motorhome alarms are delivered with extra transmitters. This is importend because some orginate manufactors use only simple fix coding technoloy with there transmitters, found in Citroen Jumper, Fiat Ducato, Iveco Daily and Peugeot Boxer make since 2006 . Our transmitters use rolling code and protect agains codegrabbing Codediebstahl (Codegrabbing). In cars with secured transmitter technology for ex. found in Ford and Mercedes our Snapper CAN BUS alarm can also used and will work with the origin transmitters. But is also avaible with Snapper remote transmitter to have more protections against code grabbing or when somebody program a 3rd transmitter without your notice.
If Snapper Classic and our tracking system Pekasat iKey will installed together, it can armed and disarmed also by our smartphone App.   

Security: All doors, boot, bonnet, camper bin door, ignition and battery. The integrated immobilizer found in our Snapper can bus alarm will protect against starting the vehicle. Pay attention that you install immobilzer with e-mark certifications only.

Wireless transmitter: Up to 155 wireless transmitters kann work with our Snapper Classic caravan. One or more reed magetic switches can connected to one wireless transmitter. Sometimes it is possible to install more reed contact switches, when the nex door is vary close to each other. This save money.

Jammer protection: Most sold Jammers use the frequency range from 800MHz to 5GHz. This is the reason that our wireless transmitters use 433.92 MHz frequency. If it is possible use wired connections instead of wireless transmitters. But sometimes it is not so easy to install it on this way. Our solution is to install AntiJamming sensors, this sensor detect the usage of a Jammer and will trigger our alarms!
Interior protection: Use microwave radarsensors only! These sensors are vary small, is invisible and do not detect insects as old ultraonic sensors do. Also microwave sensors can used if the car have a Interior heating unit.

Knock out gas (Anesthetic gas): Our K.O. gas sensor detect anesthetic gas and will trigger our alarm system and also initiated up to three phone calls by Pekatronic tracking systems. 

Tow away protection: Our tilt sensor protect agains tow away activities. NEW is our digital Multi 3in1 Sensor (Shock-, Tilt- and Crashsensor in one case). Without any justage. 

Alarming: Optically via hazard warning lights, always acoustically via an external siren. Do not use the orgin car horn, because they are easy to manipulate from outside by cuting good avaible wires.

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